SYMI island greece      


Symi is an island where you really can relax and expand your horizons. Since the earliest times it has enjoyed great prosperity as a result of its strategic position between Rhodes and Kos. This is why, as you round the headland towards Symi town, you will be greeted by the splendid view of grand old mansions, interspersed by taverns, wooden-shuttered shops and row upon row of traditional houses rising from the harbour. Symi 's unspoilt nature has been preserved by its remoteness, together with a preservation order from the Archeological Department prohibiting any out-of-character tourist development.

 Locals have two distinct names for the two parts of town - Yialos for the harbour, Chorio for the upper town. They are linked by the KALI STRATA .

Whether you prefer the bustle of the harbour village, the fragrant and spectacular coastal walks, the intriguing discoveries among the back streets of Chorio, or the rich and fascinating history of many centuries, Symi will inevitably delight and enthral you!